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Walk the Labyrinth

It is our hope that those of you who choose to walk the Labyrinth, will attain an inner peace and an open heart during the time spent at the Labyrinth. This 90ft. diameter Cretan Labyrinth has seven circuits and is located behind the “Tableau in Steel Sculpture” in Regner Park in the heart of West Bend.  The grass pathways are lined with bulbs, perennials, herbs and annuals, making a walk to the center a very special and pleasing experience.

Stage 1

As you enter, quiet your mind, letting all thoughts go, but don’t force it. Be aware of your breathing. Pause for a moment before you enter.

“In the Labyrinth we are all equal. There is no cost and no privilege. It requires no membership, no degrees, no consent to a certain dogma or belief system. It is available to all”  –Robert Ferre

Stage 2

Allow yourself to find your own pace, don’t hurry. Strive for a state of relaxation and a sense of calm. At the center, there can be illumination; an opening to insight, a new awareness of  touching your sorrows and releasing your joys.

Stage 3

As you leave the center, there can be a strange sense of strengthening and clarity, a sense of union, balance and of being connected.The path is two ways and you may meet others coming or going – please do whatever is respectful and comfortable  for you.

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